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  1. My guess is that rushing a patch to do a very basic & dirty version of this for the web client would probably take like an hour. Doing it properly, with clean settings and a carefully crafted theme in the web clients and the apps, maybe 2-3 weeks without rushing (hard to say, depends how messy the current code is). I think the problem can be summarized as: "amount of ***** given by whoever is in charge: 0000"
  2. Thanks but I couldn't find that "User Settings" item :s However, while making screenshots for this reply and greying out stuff, I found it, here it was:
  3. Hi, Is it still possible to revert to the old UI? Like an idiot, I accepted to give a try to the new version a few days ago but now I can't go back :x I can't find "Beta" in my account settings, nor can I find "Account summary" when I click my avatar in the bottom left corner... This new UI is so horrible :/ It wastes space, makes it painful to switch between folders, and is even brighter than the previous UI (are we ever going to see a dark theme?)
  4. And if I may add, I wouldn't even mind if the black theme is ugly. I know it's hard to produce a great-looking black theme. But it's so relaxing for the eyes that even when it's poorly done I find it a lot better than the bright theme.
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