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  1. I'm looking for some solution to not-overly-scalable solution I have currently. Right now, I'm using gmail, the browser version. Part of the work I do involves sending out emails with the same text, but different attachments to groups of people. So what I've setup, is when I get a new contact, file it with the appropriate groups I need. A single contact may be in one or more group. When I need to send an email, I select the group, copy/paste the email text, then manually select the file I need. This works, except I have like 30 groups, so it takes me quite a bit of time to get that done. So I'm wondering, if there's any email program that allows me to have templates. That way, I can just open up the template for each group, change the attachment, email. But, this program also needs to be able to import my gmail groups setup - there are too many addresses to setup in groups again manually. I already tried thunderbird, but I couldn't get it to do my gmail grouping properly. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other solution?
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