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  1. In the recognition language of the settings from my web browser I choose English and greek. What goes wrongly??????
  2. I use penultimate in my iPad to hand write my notes in Greek but Evernote does not recognize the words so I cannot find them in search. Why does this happen".?..
  3. Which 11 languages does Evernote handwriting recognition supports???
  4. Hello i am an avid user of evernote the last 6 years. I am a doctor and i have created a huge database of notes that i am constantly reffering to. What i do is when i find a nice article i copy paste it to evernote and then highligjt the parts i find more interesting and tag it. Is it possible to highlight the parts i like or write some little interesting things above the already written using the apple pencil??? That would be a hyge convenience!! I have tried doing so in apple stores and not succeded
  5. I am an old and avid user of evernote. i have thousands of notes mainly written text. I would like to ask you if i can using the apple pencil making notes highlight stuff and do sketsches i want in an old written note so that i add things i am intersted in. I want to be able to draw whatever i want in a text note anywhere in the screen using the apple pencil. Is that possible?
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