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  1. I think I've given up on the idea of changing my subscription and trying to refund the excess because of how difficult the Evernote team is to deal with, instead I just want them to remove my credit card details but I can't find anywhere to do this? I have searched through support and billing info and all I can find is a message saying "cancel auto renewal anytime no questions asked" but nothing pointing to how I even do this? I'm asking because I don't want to acidentally end my subscription after just being charged for premium...
  2. Recently my account was charged for everyone premium, I had previously tried to change my settings so this wouldn't happen as I no longer need premium but unfortunately it has still been charged. I would like to change to the plus subscription instead and be refunded the excess as I have only just been charged today. Does anyone know if this is possible as their refund policy is kind of vague?
  3. Has anyone ever tried personally messaging employees to see if they will respond? I've noticed there has been responses elsewhere in the past few months in security, and it seems ridiculous that a company can get away with such terrible community responses or lack of. I sent a PM to one of the employees asking this, and maybe some of you should too.
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