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  1. @DTLow Yes, thank you!! This is the app. I tried emailing the email address they provided on this page but got no responses yet Hopefully, they still use that email...
  2. Thank you @NoLife for replying me, but the app is no longer in the app-store. The last time the app is updated was in 2012
  3. Hi, does anyone have any ideas on how to contact the app developer for Simple Ever the third party application? I recently updated my phone to IOS 11 and found out that I cannot access my Simple Ever app anymore. If I tap on the app it'll say that IOS 11 doesn't support the current version of SImple Ever and I'll need to contact the app developer for them to come up with an updated version. Please please please if anyone knows how to contact the app developer or if there are any other ways to save me from this painful abyss, please let me know! Simple Ever is literally my lifeline I really just need to access the app and get all the files in there and I'll be good.
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