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  1. Folks, I just wanted to say that the last update solved this issue for me. I was able to confirm my email address and everything is working fine now. Happy note taking!
  2. Actually what SI Dispatch, sos_ and I are facing is an altogether different problem from the ones you are suggesting, since we can't share notes in any way due to the email not being verified. In my case it can't be a problem with my email service because I receive other email messages from Evernote.
  3. I'm facing the very same problem. I signed up for an account yesterday and received these two e-mails: But none of them contained any account verification/activation links. When I tap the share button at the top of the note, I am asked to verify my email address. But I never receive the dorn email. The email address I gave when signing up is surely correct, otherwise I wouldn't have received both messages in the first place. As you can see in the screenshots I am using android and since more users are reporting the same problem I assume it must
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