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  1. This thread is open in 2013 but still we don't get our problem solutiions
  2. Okay, Truth is Evernote have no plans to develop there application for Linux community. I ready many people saying Linux users to use Web platform, let me clear web platform is even worst. It automatically copied all my notes 3-4 times. Evernote support executive told me to delete notes. Damn they have issues with Firefox ☹️ Evernote support executive not know there is no application for Linux, I think they thought window and mac exist. If we have web platform only then why not choose onenote.
  3. Please suggest any good client for evernote for Linux. I need offline notes please find useful applications that works offline
  4. Hello there, I want to know what is the status of Evernote for Linux. I know why Evernote is not creating application for Linux. I'm using nixnote and works good but in 1-2 it downlods my notes from server and my notes is only text small size images size is less than 40mb. I want to fully functioned note taking application and I love Evernote that's why I'm finding way to use their services no doubts Evernote is best but I love Linux aswell. I don't want to compromise my security that's why I'm using Linux. In 1-2 hours 2 two notes are downloaded form Evernote server to nixnote
  5. Thankyou @DTLow @CalS Now my desktop Evernote app is changed and looks managed yesterday I add templates from Evernote and add these templates to my notebook I add two templates notes to the same notebook but I receive only one when I see Evernote web there are two present but not showing in desktop application My internet is fine and update my other notes Today I check my notebook now both templates are present One more thing I have offline Pdf I want to pick some details from it but Evernote clipper not supporting offline file clips Is there any way to do thi
  6. Hello guys, Evernote web is handy and looks beautiful I want this on my desktop app. Is this possible My desktop evernote app is dull using web evernote is not possible everytime. Please help me Thankyou
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