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  1. Brilliant work around helps, thanks for tip on adding a stack as a favouite - certainly was not intuitive thanks,
  2. Unfortunately within iOS can’t see anyway of adding a stack as a favourite, only individual notebooks. You can on desktop EN but then you can also view all notes within a stack so not a problem on desktop anyway
  3. I arrange my notebooks in stacks, for example I have a stack called tasks, and within that stack I have Work Tasks, Home Tasks, etc as separate notebooks. In the desktop versions of EN you can see all notes in a stack by selecting that stack. So I can see all my tasks by selecting the task stack. However in the iOS apps you have to select individual notebooks within a stack. It would be great, for consistency across the versions, and functionality if this way of working could be added. Should be fairly easy as essentially that’s what the ‘all notes’ does but for all
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