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  1. A couple of days ago I pasted a URL into a note, and for whatever reason that caused it to delete all but the first few words of the note – months of writing vanished in an instant. Since I was on a phone I couldn't just Ctrl-Z to get it back. Even more unfortunately, when I tried to copy/paste it out of the Windows app to save it, before I could it synced before my eyes, turning into the useless mess from the Android app. Before that I had hoped that it was just a bug in the Android version and hadn't affected the server-side version. When I try to put in a support ticket it tells me I need to put in a support ticket, keeping me in a highly frustrating and endless loop. Since I am not a Premium user it seems like there is no way to recover my lost data, and I absolutely refuse to give you money just because a bug in your software cost me months of work. I have now switched to Simplenote. They let me sync to my phone, desktop, and laptop instead of having to choose two of them; have versioning for situations like this one; and have Markdown support, which I use in every note that isn't simply a list. And they somehow do it all for free. I suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car vs bicycle crash 20 years ago. One of the major results of that is memory loss. I can't always retain a thought for more than a minute, so it's vitally important that I write things down. For years I resisted getting a smartphone – but then I learned that there was an Evernote Android app that could replace the notebook I've carried in my back pocket for years. Yep, Evernote is the only reason I got my first smartphoe 11 months ago. So you can imagine my disappointment at having to give it up.
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