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  1. "Okay, Google... Take a note" on my smartwatch worked for a few notes. Not working any more the next day. I wonder how to re-set the note taking app on Wear? Moreover: The Evernote Wear app seems to be from 2014 - not working on my watch - keeps terminating each time I click on the list of current notes. Anybody know of plans to update the Wear app?
  2. I don´t see why clipping one web page to evernote is possible, but clipping a whole session wouldn´t be. Feature could just be included in Webclipper. Would be as much spyware, then, as any browser extension.
  3. I use Evernote for extensive web research sessions. Cannot believe that it is still not possible to transform browser sessions into Evernote notes as an Evernote feature. You can do that via browser extensions - but only to get a list of links for a session. What Evernote would have to do is to implement a feature that also lets you chose to bring together the content of the visited websites to a note. You can do that manually, of course, by clipping the content of every website and adding them together in the end. But that amounts to a lot of - wasted - time. I am convinced that I am not the only one that uses Evernote to save content from browser sessions. Should be implemented, therefore, as using the service in a professional way has to be paid for.
  4. Maybe not an Evernote search in the classical sense. But would be very useful - if not to say essential - if you have many bookmarks in your notes and do not want to clip whole pages (articles). Any solution? At least 3. party? Or is there a way to transform notes with links into notes with articles in an automated way?
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