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  1. Recently I updated my Evernote and noticed the Notebook / grid view was gone. I figured the LIST was now default, so I hopped over to the VIEW menu to change back to the view I’ve loved & used for years - the Notebooks in a grid (where at a glance you can see all of your notebooks & not have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll and uh, what notebook was that in again?). Couldn’t find a view option for that old view. Oh no, don’t tell me it’s gone! Yup, looks like it is. Feeling rather blindsided and discouraged by this (I know, get a life). But this change has reduced my efficiency enough that I may look around for an alternate product to help make my life easier, like Evernote with Notebook view used to. This is my first post ever, so not sure if this is the right place, or is there a better place to suggest this “change back” to someone who has power to act? Thank you.
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