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  1. Why cant there be more table formatting options (like add a row or column) on Evernote web!? :/
  2. Hi! I accidentally deleted some notes, and they aren't in the trash either. Is there any way of recovering them!? I am ready to provide all details.... I use evernote on my android phone and google chrome browser. The notes were quite recent, all in March or April 2018.
  3. Evernote refuses to work on just one of my google chrome users. Web Clipper doesn't open, and if i go to evernote.com or try to log in, then it says "Site Can't be reached" However, if I use evernote on another user on google chrome (if i use guest, or sign into google chrome with another gmail), then it works perfectly fine. I thought this might be because the extensions are different, and maybe one of the google chrome extensions is interfering with evernote. However, I disabled all other extensions and the problem still persists.
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