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  1. I love the new code block feature but it doesn't allow for the font size to be adjusted. When I highlight text in a code block it's locked at 12px... This is a bit small when working fro m a 1080p laptop with a 13" screen so the current workaround is to scale the browser zoom Additionally why hide these new features off to the side. I use this all the time and would love to access it by a single click along with the other tools and keyboard shortcut
  2. Hi All, Long time user and I like work the new version for web is going but I wanted to submit some feedback requests Add Drag and drop to check box items. This feature is available for lists and works great
  3. I found a trick to bypass the alert page. Right click on a link then select "Open Link in a New Tab" (or Window, Private Window) from the context menu. It requires a few steps but is quicker than navigating the alert page with a mouse / trackpad or hitting Tab several times. Shortcuts in Windows on Firefox "Right click" + "t" + "Enter" will open in a new tab "Right click" + "w" will open in a new window "Right click" + "p" + "Enter" will open in a new private window Chrome, MacOS and LInux may have slightly different combinations but it could be committe
  4. Why is this still a problem 4 years later with Evernote for Web? This confirmation slows me down and breaks my otherwise smooth workflow.
  5. This is too damn frustrating can't we just mark a preference or user agreement that says: "Don't show this message again" and move on with our lives? It might seem like just a click but to a web developer it's actually hundreds of clicks a week. I signed on to this forum only to complain about this feature. So yeah, it does get in the way of workflow if I'm willing to take time out of my day to add my opinion. to this thread.
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