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  1. Great for editing. Not so great for viewing and organizing (and not supposed to be).
  2. Indeed. I quickly discovered that auto-refresh, by way of an extension, was a no-go for this reason, and because of the aforementioned resetting of one's position within the notebook/note structure.
  3. I have recently migrated all my machines to Linux, and so am forced to contend with the web client for Evernote, since the company has decided not to provide an official client, and none of the unofficial clients are up to snuff in my opinion. One of the things that bugs me most about the web client is that it does not seem to have a syncing interval. Consequently, when I create or update a note from either the web clipper or Sublime Text (where I do the vast bulk of note editing) I only see the new or updated notes when I either switch notebooks, or use the refresh function on my browser
  4. I'd be curious as to what changes you made in order to render Nixtone2 an acceptable alternative. I'm not there yet.
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