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  1. I see. It doesn't really sound like an ideal solution though. As for instance making your own dictionary does not require an advanced text editor, and having an ability within Evernote to alphabetise a certain hierarchy of a list would be very beneficial, especially when you consider that Evernote is more expensive that MS Word. Thanks for your advice though.
  2. This only seems to work if my bullet pointed list has one level of hierarchy which for me at least is a rare occurrence. Perhaps i'm using wrong?
  3. To be able to alphabetise a note would be a feature that would be very beneficial for many types of notes, for example when learning a language one could produce their own dictionary within Evernote. A google search finds a number of articles of people requesting a feature to alphabetise lists within their notes. Notes within a notebook can already be sorted this way, and Microsoft Word can sort a list by alphabetical order so surely it it possible for a Evernote note to do so.
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