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  1. Hello if I want to move one or more notes between notebooks, I highlight the note/s then use ctrl+x go to the other notebook and user ctrl+v (e.g. cut and paste) standard windows key combinations. However I note 'all' formatting is lost which is a nightmare Any solutions to this please I am using Windows 10 (latest version) Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies, it is a real shame EverNote does not support the basic 'filtering' feature to filter out what you do not want leaving only what you do want. perhaps EverNote will add this feature hopefully
  3. Hello, can someone please help me with the following question if I have a note with lets say 1500 lines of text and seven of the lines have a particular word on that line e.g. Storage but the other 1493 lines do not, when I search for Storage is shows me 'all' 1500 lines and only highlights the word Storage in the lines where it appears. This means I still have to scroll through 1500 lines of text. What I need is for Evernote just to return the seven lines in question and not more (preferably with an option to return a line or two either side of the line found, just to help with cont
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