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  1. while i'm at it... there is another bug with copy and paste. if i copy some text with a line break at the beginning, then i paste it. the line break is not included in the paste and its MADNESS (literally every other application in the universe does not behave like this) 1. i select this text 2. i put my cursor at the end of this line 3. i paste and NOTICE THE LACK OF LINE BREAK... this pasted text should be on the next line.
  2. the people who make evernote are programmers so they must understand what i'm talking about. i'm curious if they are even using their own product to keep code snippets or if they use something else. if you are reading this and you are not a programmer please send this to your engineering team. they will understand.
  3. I would also very much like this feature. As a software developer evernote is not very easy to use out of the box. i've been using evernote for almost 10 years now and some VERY SIMPLE PRO FEATURES would make it 10x better. i use a mac and iphone btw. 1. i copy and paste from my terminal which has a black background and green text, but i NEVER want to paste with this formatting into my notes. NEVER NEVER NEVER. I literally never ever want to paste with the source formatting, i always want command-shift-v. Please Please Please make this a pro option in the settings so that i can
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