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  1. Slightly encouraging 6.13 citation. See attachment. Don't have time or patience to play with new update. Can empathize with frustrations. Have two premium subscriptions; one to co manage elderly parent estate/care. your post was timely. Heading back for out of state "working" visit and had to print a few key notes to share with parent who finds even simple email use a milestone..smile. and yes, still using workaround via pdf save than print. urgh. thanks in advance to any takers on the 6.13 experience share after test in.re. print function. cheers!
  2. win 10 restart will fix for one print only for me. when attempt 2nd though, back to useless, missing print to default printer menu or option. Workaround until this bug fixed for me: print to pdf. open pdf in adobe reader. print via printers works but outside of evernote. ): you are not alone in your experience, another thread has several contributions and suggestions: hang in there....history over the years suggests they find and fix in a future release. long time evernote user, 2 premium accounts, windows 10, multi platform devices for access, yadda yadda... in.
  3. Similar issues. Print function and preview from Print menu not working after 1st use. Print to save as pdf working and is my temporary workaround as I can print the pdf copy, outside of Eve. A. File > Print > not working. symptom: normal printer option menu disappeared. B. File > Print to Pdf is working This has been going on for about a week or so under 6.10.3 install, Pub, on Win 10 Mar 17 and also now under 6.11.2 build installed today Apr 3 thinking programmers found and corrected and so I did the install update. A restart will correct temporarily
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