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  1. I am surprised to see this topic has died over a year ago. I am using EN as a document repository where I generate upwards of 2500 note per month. Here is a scenario where auto tagging coupled with the ability to include and or exclude specific tags in a search (whole 'nother topic) could save me tremendous amounts of time. In my repository there are , acknowledgements (ACK), proofs of delivery (POD) and Invoices (INV). Each of these documents share a common unique identifier a purchase order number (PO). When I search that PO, the desired results delivered would include all three of those documents in order for me to do a comparison. As my accounting system ages I am finding that the numbering scheme used by these various document types are being duplicated in my SO's, WO's PO's CR's and INV's. All are starting to share this same "Unique" identifier (a limitation of my accounting software). In addition other document types FWO, SWO, RMA, FSO, CM, INVOICE, CREDIT etc. etc. could potentially have that number typed on the document. This creates a situation where a search on the single "unique" number generates a vast list of notes. (I only want 3) If I could search the "unique" number then exclude or include notes based on their tags it would result in a great improvement to the productivity of my research. AND If I could AUTO tag these notes upon arrival in their respective notebooks the time savings would be incalculable. I currently use Folder import rules to create the vast majority of the 2500 notes each month. Then I need to manually tag each item...if auto tagging could be associated with the folder import that would be cool too. There is the possibility that I am overthinking this and I am not making full use of search syntax that is currently available...if that is the case I welcome a revised education. I just want to make my time in EN the most productive it can be.
  2. Thanks for the feed back, I agree it is problem ticket worthy...but I do not Twit.
  3. I actually started at that thread...since the resolution there, had already been implemented here...I saw fit to start a new thread. If you think it helpful I would gladly add my post to that thread, however it just felt redundant to me.
  4. I process each invoice as a separate transaction using tags I can indicate whether an invoice has been processed to completion, has a problem or has no supporting proof of delivery, this requires each invoice exist as its own single page note. As I mentioned I have plans to address the naming and splitting step prior to import into EN. However I am not native to MAC and learning automator and scripting has been a tremendous challenge for me, not to mention the multiple hats I wear here at work, I have not had the time to figure out how to extract the attachments from my email. If you have that nailed....I would...there would be great jubilation if you would share your experience in an off topic discussion. Right now I'm just using the tools that are easily accessible.
  5. Greetings All! I am new to the Forums, by no means however am I new to EN. Hello, my name is Bryan and I am an EN junkie. I'll give you some quick back ground info. I've been using EN as my document repository for all things important to my business. I have all my Acknowledgments, Proofs of Delivery, and Invoices imported via forwarded email or using folder importing rules. This process creates in the neighbor hood of 2,500 notes per month. My Challenge: Part of my process requires that I rename all incoming invoices since they come from multiple suppliers and the naming convention is inconsistent. In addition they also tend to be multi-page documents that then need to be split into single page documents. Due to current limitations be they technical or personal, I must perform this renaming process AFTER they have arrived in EN. (I hope to make these changes prior to arrival in EN in the future. I'm just not there yet). The actual Process: Invoice notes are created by email forwarding rules. I must then save each attachment separately with the desired name, then delete the email generated Note. After I have saved the attachment with the new name I use a MAC script to split the multi page PDF into several single page PDF's and then import the newly created PDF's into EN using folder import rules. As you can imagine this process is quite time consuming...hence I went looking for a solution. I found (rather I stopped ignoring) the Save attachments feature in EN. The Problem: The save attachments function which can be used to save multiple attachments from multiple notes simultaneously, is not working. Example: I select 9 notes, then select the Save Attachments button, browse to the desired location and...Voila! 3 attachments saved...not 9. See below photos. I have used the button pictured below, Right clicked on the highlighted list and selected the Save Attachments button, and used the File Menu at the top left corner of the EN Desktop app...all with the same results. Sometimes I get fewer files, some times more and every once in a blue moon I will get the full quantity expected. At best the process is inconsistent at its worst not functional enough to depend on as part of my daily process. My Stats: * Windows 7 Pro SP1 updates are current as of 09/28/17 * Evernote I deeply value the contribution EN has made to my business. I now look forward, for the first time to your assistance in resolving this conundrum. I thank you in advance for your wisdom and expertise. Bryan
  6. I love the IDEA of highlighting multiple notes and then saving the attachments in a single stroke of the mouse. However my experience has been I tend to only get a few of the files saved. For example if I select 10 notes each with a different PDF and then select Save attachments, the result is often only a single PDF file or just a some of the files. This is actually why I came to the forum...Has anyone else seen this? And How do I make EN more consistent?
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