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  1. Thank you for your reply. These are images of hand-written notes and skyboards. I am doing everything inside EN's environment. I make pictures via Evernote android app using the multi-feature. The app saves them into one note as png or jpg files. And then it is not possible to nicely view them in Windows Desktop Evernote. To have them in PDF I would need to leave the Evernote's ecosystem. Ability to do ctrl-,ctrl+ is available in annotating png files in Evernote, but not viewing them in the image gallery. Is there a reason that it is not available in Image Gallery? It seems a si
  2. Hello everyone, I've been using Evernote for some time, and I decided to buy Premium, as I saw the ad explaining how great the Evernote is for students, making pictures of pages, whiteboards etc. Yet it's not possible to use it conveniently to go through many images in one note (e.g. notes from 1 lecture). After double clicking on the image and seeing it in the EN's image gallery, it's only possible to zoom in/out once. Why is it not possible to zoom in/out slowly with Scroll on mouse or CTRL+,CTRL-? This makes it completely unusable for me for study purposes. I thought that m
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