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  1. I have solved it. Go to cookies under privacy/remember history-custom/cookies - exemptions. There were duplicates. 2 google and 2 evernote cookies. I deleted one pair. Now clipper working without red dot and with evernote account name now appearing on the clip notification.
  2. I tried cookies set to 'accept all'. I lowered security to minimal. Made no difference. I'm using mozilla firefox. I found other posts with the same problem. Looks like it is well known with no fix. Pop up only appears for a second, and it usually says "you are logged in satisfactorily". Or it says " you are now logged in. Happy clipping.". Yet red dot still there! If I try and open web clipper again pop up opens only momentarily. I assume that this sudden closing of the pop up after half a second is part of the 'bug'. This makes evernote unfit for use for me.
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