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  1. Thanks for the tip vichoon. However, I only use Chrome and I don't want to install Firefox just because of that.
  2. Because incognito mode overtakes some limitations (that the regular mode don't) in certain websites that I need to clip.
  3. Maybe you're right, but this thread is not about Google's data privacy issues... I have my reasons to use Chrome, wouldn't make sense to change browsers just because of Evernote's Web Clipper stopped working. And in this case is Evernote that have to reach Google, so they can solve this issue together... that's not our (customers) task. We pay to have a good service, not to solve their problems...
  4. This!!! We are spending our money with your app... we demand support. I reported this issue 3 months ago and hasn't been solved yet, that's unacceptable...
  5. A few weeks ago the web clipper stopped working in Chrome's incognito mode... no matter what clip format I choose, it always returns the error "Clipper has encountered an error. Unknown error ocurred. UNK/UNK Could not fetch..." Anyone else with this issue?
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