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  1. 6 hours ago, Jay-Bob said:

    The intended behavior of code blocks is text only. This means no bullet/numbered lists, todos, horizontal rules, tables, images, encryption. On certain versions of the app, it was possible to add these options to code blocks but in future updates it will be text only.

    But why? Why would you add that feature and then take it out? This makes my notes such a mess. Really looking forward to copy-pasting indented code blocks for the next several years until a better app / update comes along..

  2. I'm also having an issue w/ code blocks. They used to work great, but now they don't work at all. I can't copy-paste existing ones, and I can't make new ones. This sucks as my Evernote is my lab notebook for computational research and I usually make about 20 code blocks a day.

    I can still make a code block on text that was written before the issue started, but not on text added recently.

    Simplify formatting seems to have  a similar error. Multicolored text won't simplify.

    Evernote also won't let me submit a ticket to ask about the issue (there's simply no submit button when I go through the process...)


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