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  1. Hello, I am a frequent and heavy user of evernote web clipper for academic research. Generally I prefer the "simplified article" setting for the clean layout and readability. However, this setting has one massive drawback. While it always records the date I downloaded the page, it almost never records the date of publication, even when it's quite obvious on the page. This is a real hassle for me as I have to add them manually.
  2. Evernote and web clipper are great products, but they almost never capture embedded twitter posts when using the "simplified article" capture. Capturing twitter posts is an important aspect of how I use evernote for my job. Please fix this.
  3. Evernote and web clipper are great products. The least reliable aspect of web clipper is capturing the article's publication date when capturing a "simplified article." I only get dates in like 50% of my captures, which is a real nuisance. Please fix this.
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