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  1. I'm glad to hear it. But I am hardly impressed. God knows how long it will take until we actually see it. Even then, a feature that took over 8 years to arrive when it should have been included since day one, stretches the phrase "better late than never" really thin.
  2. Thanks. I was quite frustrated beyond comprehension. I don't care anymore whether EN will ever implement this feature anymore. But I check on this thread from time to time just to satisfy my curiosity if they ever will make the implementation. But I wouldn't hold my breath. It's 2018, and we are very close to curing AIDS, colonizing Mars is on the horizon, true artificial intelligence and quantum computing are transforming our world as we speak, I'd say it's more likely that EverNote bankrupts or I have been long dead before this gets implemented. Even in my death, I would still have this
  3. How nice of you to reply. Except that apart from the flowery words and the obviously carefully treaded wordings to avoid any responsibilities or liabilities, you have shown two things essentially. 1. This forum, the ticket system, that was designed and managed by your department, does not communicate with the Engineering dept. Communication implies 2 ways communication, but from your flowery language, such is not the case. You are nothing but a pretty faced receptionists who takes messages and relay them to their mailboxes, who may or may not read them. 2. Due to the typographical d
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