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  1. Updated to 6.7.5 today and also checked the value of key NoteFontSize under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Evernote\Evernote, and it was set to 10. The problem still persists. I am attaching a screenshot. How such a basic thing as font size can't work properly in a note-taking software is beyond me.
  2. There is an annoying bug on Evernote for Windows (I have not tested this in other platforms) that has been around for over a year now I believe. If I try to set my default font size to 10 (under options->note font), Evernote will keep reverting to size 9. Oddly enough, if I set it to 11, or 12, or apparently any other, this issue does not occur. Please, someone have a look at this and fix it, as font size 9 is too small for me, and 11 is a bit too big, so I've been living with the annoyance of manually changing the font size to 10 for a long time now.
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