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  1. That does the job, didnt know such option existed, thanks. What about the second issue?
  2. Hi, I want to use Evernote to share notes with my students but I also want to be able to look through the notes with them as we speak via Skype. This requires: * me to have multiple notes open at the same time * and it would be nice if jumping to the note would not force it to scroll all the way up, meaning that I can resume working at the point I was How can I do it?
  3. I installed Clipper, but I cant' use it. Not only can't I log in (the window closes), but it keeps notifying me about enabling cookies. But I have cookies enabled! I added evernote.com to whitelist to make sure, but it did not help. Any fix?
  4. Thanks guys. But what if I wanted to link to a specific paragraph within a note?
  5. This is so bad I love making arrows in the text, handwrite on the margin.
  6. In one note I have a term and I want to make it a hyperlink, so it will redirect to the other note with an explanation. Can I do it somehow?
  7. Onenote has an option to draw something that works like Paint. Is there anything like that in Evernote?
  8. Does it make sense to backup all my notes from Evernote in case of breach in Evernote servers? How safe is my data?
  9. You can export your notes - File -> Export and save them in some other place.
  10. I clipped random article http://www.iflscience.com/technology/if-your-email-address-is-on-this-list-change-your-password-right-now/ When I do it with 'article' the font is Open Sans, when I do it with 'simplified article' the font is Verdana (which I set as default).
  11. I would hate to see any ads in Evernote. I think that 2 device limit is ok, as I've been using this software on my phone and laptop without a need to add another device.
  12. Yeah, I was doing it wrong. The correct way is to clip simplified article and the font changes correctly.
  13. Hello, While checking Evernote Webclipper I spotted a very big problem. See screenshot. Evernote clipps an article with a terrible font and, because I clipped a lot of websites, it would take too much time to manually change a font. Setting different deafult font does not help. On the screenshot you can see comparison between Pocket and Evernote. Is there any way to solve this problem?
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