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  1. @McClausky let you downgrade to 6.7.5: it works fine and you probably don't need the changes of the latest version.
  2. Actually, this is not only the CTRL key, any key are creating this annoying bug. Search for a word in the main "Search in notes" case Choose a note in the search results Select some text in this note or even click somewhere in this note to edit it Press ANY KEY (for example to replace the selected text with another word, or to add a word) and the selection is canceled Any news on this bug? In which post are you making the follow-up? Version: (307027) on Windows 10
  3. I have the impression that the issue was solved with the previous version (no idea of the number), and that it's back with the latest version :((( What are you doing guys ? Happy to help testing if you need too.
  4. Hello, Do you know if it has been taken into account by the dev team? I'm also seeing this (Ctrl + Shift + V) pastes text in a weird format. (Version Thank you for your work! Best, Sisim
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