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  1. yeah would love to get the Invite for beta as well. I signed up for it the other day so will see what happens. currently Nixnote2 is my go to but the new layout of evernote looks awesome.
  2. There is a new Fork for Nixnote2 I have been testing it and it has been working really well. He has fixed multiple bugs I have experienced on the other version of NixNote https://github.com/robert7/nixnote2/wiki
  3. Its Actually Called Firefox Screenshots Sorry https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-screenshots
  4. Yeah that is the only downfall of Cherry Tree is that there is no options for that. I have been using Mozillas Reader view and webclipper for firefox and its almost the same as evernotes web clipper just cant view on mobile.
  5. I am trying out moving to Cherry Tree/Google Drive
  6. Is it possible to clip a page when in Firefox Reader View. The normal web clipper works great 80% of the time only giving me the info I want but some articles have adds in the middle of the page and the clipper copys that as well while in Firefox reader view it eliminates all of that but I am unable to clip the page thoughts?
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