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  1. So, I found the file buried deep in some concerningly muddled folder structures on my mac. I believe my machine might be on its way out and this could have been part of the problem. For anyone who encounters similar problems in future - check every corner of your computer. I thought I'd looked everywhere but I did a second round and it turned out I hadn't. @Dave-in-Decatur and @DTLow, thank you very much for your help. I'll heed your advice about backups.
  2. Is there any way of opening ".ennote" files outside of Evernote? It won't let me open them without switching accounts, but I have no second account to switch to.
  3. I upgraded three days ago and contacted support immediately. I'm yet to hear anything back. There was also nothing in the note history - I'm almost certain at this point that the note is associated with some other account that may no longer exist. I am usually very careful about this kind of thing. I used to keep my diary in a word doc an back it up weekly by sending to myself via email and saving a second copy remotely. The whole reason I switched to Evernote was because the service SUPPOSEDLY offers three levels of reduncancy. There should be a back up on my computer, my phone
  4. When I think about it i guess at some point it stopped synching to my phone. But I never checked the Web platform so have no way of knowing. At this point I'm guessing it wasn't synching. It's still bizarre to me that the note disappeared when I revoked a "device" that was an old version of my current computer. Where did the note go?!
  5. I do not have more than one email address. I definitely didn't make a second account but it seems that maybe some ghost account has been created. Otherwise why would it prompt me to switch accounts when opening a .ennote file of my own creation? I have checked the trash with no luck
  6. Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. Actually, an older version of the same note exists but it was last updated in December last year. The previous 9 months of updates have gone. This is another sign to me that there is some issue with multiple accounts having been created. As far as I know this is then only note missing and I am relatively certain that it wasn't a local note - I definitely didn't start out as one (the old version of the same note is not a local note) and I certainly never intentionally made it one. The file I mention is an ".ennote" file. It turned up in a spotligh
  7. Hi Guys I'm in full crisis mode after spending the last 6 hours trying to recover a lost note containing years worth of meticulous diary entries. This is how the sad story goes... Despite using Evernote frequently since the 2 device limit came into effect, today I was prompted to pick between 2 of 3 devices. I haven't updated my computer at all but Evernote seemed to think there were two devices named (username)/macbookpro. I revoked one of the two at random and that was that - the only note I care about, the one I update every single day, is gone. There is no sign of the n
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