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  1. Thanks for your response. I don't recall ever importing an .enex file - I never have had reason to. But if that's the only explanation for the existence of imported notes, then I guess I must have. I used to save Windows system image backups of my laptop (until it stopped working in Windows). If I fish the evernote db out of one of those, I might be able to restore whatever was in my Evernote imported notes folder...
  2. During the Windows Evernote 10 update installation I was told that imported notes will not be retained. I didn't take the program up on the option to back these up (my fault). After disliking the performance of the new Evernote, I uninstalled it and reinstalled Evernote Legacy. Evernote Legacy still shows an Imported Notes folder but it is empty. Android app shows no Imported Notes folder. I don't even know what an imported notes folder is for, and why I had some notes in it. I was under the impression that all of my notes would be sync'd with the server. A quick search of imported notes in Evernote help and in google didn't enlighten me. I don't think I have lost many notes, perhaps just a few, but I would like to know whether I have definitely lost something (that was in imported notes), and why I have lost it (why did I have some notes in imported notes), and whether I might be able to recover them.
  3. The killer feature of Evernote for me was that it was fast. Now they have killed Evernote for me by making it slow.
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