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  1. Hi, EN searches only words that start with the searching sequence. The functionality to search words that contain the search sequence would be really helpfully to lots of people. For example we get invoices IN0000074886 and I would search for it just by 74886 without all the characters in front of it to find this note. This will help just scanning everything in EN and be able to search for any content in it without bothering to rename the note. Or just find any content in it that is specific for that types of document but it doesn't start with it. I am surprised this is not there by default.
  2. Thank you, this is what we will do for now, but its nice to scan a file, drop it in evernote and then search for any part of it to see that specific note. Hope this comes as future functionality.
  3. This is a must have future, for example we keep there invoices that start with IN0000000000074886 and usually I would just search for 74886, but evernote would not find the note, when I look for it mannually the 74886 are marked in yellow. This would be a very helpful future.
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