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  1. PSA! It seems like a lot things were broken for the android app on recent update (the one where the logo changed). Namely, opening pdf's to view in chrome is not working. And the annotate function is much glitchier. HOWEVER, i think i have good news! ..... I just downloaded "Xodo" on the google play store and it seems to be integrating flawlessly with evernote. It has really advanced PDF annotation capabilities. If you look into the setting for a few minutes, you can basically configure it to work exactly like the evernote PDF annotation (continuous scrolling, etc), except with
  2. I think this would be a great feature. Just take a look at the "LyX document processor" (sort of a GUI for LaTeX). It has a great ability to insert figures, etc into collapsable "floats." Seems like something similar could be very easily accomplished in Evernote.
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