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  1. I am running Chrome OS Version 75.0.3770.102 (Official Build) (64-bit). Since my new Chromebox allows me to run Android apps, I mostly use Evernote for Android now. However, I confirmed that I can log in to Evernote for Web (new and older versions). Best of luck finding support through the channels that @gazumped suggests.
  2. Evernote Support asked me to demonstrate that it was broken by taking video, and confirmed the issue more than a week later. Then they closed the ticket saying it would be fixed in a future indeterminate release. Editorial: Some time ago, I reported a real bug for the web version of Evernote. Support replied that it would be fixed in a future indeterminate release, and that they were not focussing on the web version. I guess they're not focussing on the Android version either. Bummer. (The above editorial provided free of charge. No one would pay for it, anyway.)
  3. I create a new Evernote, and attach a link from Google Drive. After I have saved the note, I click to open the link. Error: Unable to access document. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet. Android device in use (tablet): Android 8.1.0, Evernote 8.8.1 Android device also fails (phone): Android 7.1.1, Evernote 8.8.1 Evernote for Web can access the document through the link. The screenshot (from phone) shows the link as Sheets, but EN is also unable to access Docs. By the way, I am connected to the Internet. Subscription: Evernote Plus
  4. I missed that Beta notice. Thanks! But I still upvoted for this feature in Android.
  5. Well this is frustrating. I previously nested tags with the Web edition, but the NEW AND IMPROVED version of Web doesn't include nested tags AT ALL. I come to support to learn how to nest tags in Android, and it also doesn't include it. C'mon Evernote! Basic functionality here. (I never use Windows or Mac, except as a last measure.) Nested tags are apparently the way to organize in Evernote; so please give us the ability to nest tags!
  6. What version of Chrome and Web Clipper are you using? It works for me. Chrome version 62.0.3202.82 Web clipper version 6.13
  7. Hmm, yeah. As you so aggressively put, companies should really forget profits and do everything for free. Hey, I have an idea that will please your DIY heart. Request an Evernote developers key, learn the API, and roll your own clipper. You could also roll your own cross-platform sync tool. There, fixed it.
  8. Then I will vote your suggestion up because I will want this functionality on the next Chromebook that I purchase. For other members that happen across this thread, the developers could add instructions as laid out Input compatibility for Chromebooks. PS. I never noticed that I couldn't print from the Android App, but I rarely print these days.
  9. Because I found this post in Android Feedback, I will just clarify. Do you access Evernote for Web or have you installed the Android app? (My older Chromebook does not allow me to install Android apps.)
  10. To check the account with which you've logged in to Clipper. At the top-right of Chrome, right-click the Clipper icon. Select Options. At the top of the new tab, compare the email address to your account.
  11. In addition to several profile-specific settings that could block a URL, a Chrome profile may also become corrupted. Delete the inoperative profile and recreate it. Does that work?
  12. What version of Android and Evernote are you running? I tried to replicate your issue with the latest version of Evernote (7.13.1) on Android 4.4.2 and LineageOS 13 (Android 6.0.1). I can attach multiple photos and files.
  13. I am a Chromebook user with a few ideas. I would initially ask about resetting your zoom—defined per site—to default and whether the window is maximized or possibly wider than the actual screen size. In any case, it looks like you might be finding something else. Good luck.
  14. I use my Chromebook for the vast majority of my work; so the Web client is really my only option. It is inconceivable to me that Web client development would be abandoned. Personally, I hope for performance optimization.
  15. Odd that user support didn't let me know. Not really! Thanks. Web clipping YouTube vid works for me, too.
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