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  1. Hi For whatever the reason uploading anything to server takes ages if happen at all. Under same wireless network, evernote desktop immediately uploads/downloads without any problem however I cannot do the same using my phone. I do not know what I can do except reinstalling the app which I did a few times. This has become a serious concern now as I use evernote at work very often (take photos on construction site, annotate and send out is most frequent). Is there anything I can do to clear this issue? Thank you
  2. Excellent idea. I just have to wait MS OneDrive to become similarly available. Though it is another subject, I cannot make any sense using google drive in EN. When I press google drive icon, all I get bunch of files that are not even in my google drive and a filtering system. I think the issue stemming from using this many files in one note and I understand that instead of troubleshooting that I make my note more efficient by decreasing the amount of files. However, I still think just because we have a large note requiring above average process requirements, I should not have issues using rest of the EN. I understand using this many file in one note is not a good idea after all. And table of content is the ideal way to handle multiple files in one note. I deleted that note after all and problem went away. Next time I will keep your advice in mind and I expect no issues.
  3. Hi, As a new Evernote user with a recently purchased premium account I have been enjoing the evernote experience and icnreasing my grasp on the software across all platforms. All of a sudden, after a note with multiple pdf attachments (15 or so) with the size approx. 75 mb in total, evernote DESKTOP started to operate sloggishly especially in attempts to work on that particular note. I cannot delete or change this note for a while as I shared its link with collegues. I see there are similar posts with regards to Evernote slowing down and this is incredibly alarming for me. I have gone thorough nearly all similar posts and performed CTRL + Help optimizations and some other setting sync changes as suggested by other users. Nothing helped. Am wrong thinking this is what you get from EN eventually? As I am recent EN user with just 300 or so notes, is there a recent fix for this kind of issues I might not have seen? Is it best to migrate from Evernote before I have more notes than I can handle transferring other medium. Thank you
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