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  1. I don't really know how to do that... and the way I use filing is to have lots of notebooks categories under several stacks. Could possibly make that work, but would be busywork I'm not really excited about. I actually really like the old version. I'll use it for as long as EV keeps offering it.
  2. Hi! I've also been wanting the option to have my Notebooks list docked in my sidebar by default, instead of "all notes," for the reasons already mentioned above. I also stopped using Evernote because of this. I really like all of Evernote's other features, but as petty as it may sound, this feature makes the tool nearly unusable for me. I'm a researcher, and relied on Evernote Web to quickly dump information by several different topics. I usually love revamped versions of tools, and hung on to this new version for 2 years, hoping it'd change, or I'd realize there was a simple fix I was missing. I've been searching for a solution, which brought me here. But I guess it turns out that the shortcoming was with EN and not me after all... and continues to be after all this time. I'll have to try switching to the old version to see if I can still work with it. Otherwise, EN will just be an archive for me.
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