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  1. I repaired database, deleted links without note and so on. Than I tried again to export and import and again I am missing notes and have a failure report like before. Thank you for teaching us about this hidden menu for future issues. For the actual one it did not solve the problem. I updated all apps to the newest Version and tried again. Same problem
  2. Some infos for debugging: Windows 10 german home (exporting maschine) and pro (importing maschine) Chrome with evernote clipper
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hvdj3xfhbjjwvel/AADqLhckeHqhZ-Hzv4j2m4vha?dl=0 I did it via Dropbox
  4. How can I do it I tried to attach a 60 MB File and it is refused. Max size would be 0.49 MB
  5. That is not good news if you have many notebooks. I tried it with separate export and I am still missing 38 from 950 notes. I tried it in the meantime with another windows machine and it is the same.
  6. I imported to an unsynced notebook named "imported notes". All notebooks landed together in this notebook. I did not know another way to import. If possible I would prefer to have the old notebook structure. Maybe I did not know the way. I imported again without tags and I am missing 38 notes. Same as with tags
  7. I answered on an oldpost an than I opened my own one. Thats the reason for twice
  8. Just exported all notes from another machine with windows 10 without errors and imported on another machine and again: 11:07:41 [7056] Problem report: Import Error: CANT_SET_NOTE_TAG
  9. Different tags and different notebooks. I have 5 notebooks. 1 of 5 exports and imports ok. The 4 others have errors. I exportet all notebooks together an I tried it one ofter by one OS is Windows 10 64 including all updates
  10. I can open the "corrupt" notes in account A. I could not see any problem. I tried with exporting all at once or each notebook one by one.
  11. I exported to an enex file and tried to import immediately on another evernote account. I allways lose Notes. If I look into the not imorted txt File I allways find this Element "img", attribute "src", URL "" error: can't be empty Why I could not move data from one to another account without loss
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