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  1. Each day I use the current date ex. "3/22/21" as the name for my daily task list. I like to use a template ("priority task list") to create a mass amount of daily task lists for the future. While there is a drop down option to "duplicate note", there is no keyboard shortcut to do so. Having to constantly go back to the dropdown list for duplicate note is a drag. How do I create a keyboard shortcut to duplicate a note? Thanks, Scott
  2. Wow! It worked! "Evernote.app" did not show up under "All Applications" as it does in your screenshot. I did try adding a new shortcut, and simply called it "Duplicate Note" - and it worked! I'm happily surprised. Is that the process you used to add that shortcut, as well as the other shortcuts in your screenshot?
  3. I am enjoying Evernote! I do have a small suggestion. I happen to use dates (like "8/7/17") as the names of my daily task list. I also have a particular template I have created that I need to duplicate for each day. It's helpful to have the "duplicate note" feature in the dropdown, but it would be much more helpful if there were a way to create a shortcut for "duplicate note". I see that many of the other options in the "Note" dropdown offer shortcuts so I am assuming it is doable. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks, Scott
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