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  1. THANKS ! So, trying to summarize : 1) you write down with Apple Pencil on Ipad pro on GOODNOTES ; 2) then, from the hand written note, you convert it into text, and you copy/paste this text into Evernote ? or you import the PDF copy of the handwritten text (not converted) ? Sorry to bother you again but before buying the Ipad pro this is pretty much important ! Thanks in advance, ciao
  2. HI EVERYBODY I take notes when visiting customers, and add them to my Evernote (later on) writing by keyboard, this means I do the job twice. Now, if I buy IPADPRO+APPLE PENCIL will I be able to write notes down DIRECTLY, and then register them ? and/or, will EVERNOTE be able to convert my writing to letters like if I used the keyboard ? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, ciao !
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