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  1. I did notice that tabs are converted to spaces, but it was irrelevant to my issue. I could set my code editor to use either spaces or tabs when I press the tab key, but the end result of pasting into EN is the same, which is indented with spaces. (Although it does make a difference when pasting into MS Word) The indented spaces in EN are actually well preserved, the only issue is when a line wraps around it doesn't have hangings, that's why I wanted to use bullets.
  2. I typed screenshot 1 below in a code editor, indented with tab. (If you code, you know what it's like). If I copy it into MS Word, it can retain the indentation hierarchy with bullets as shown in screenshot 2. Is there a way to copy it into Evernote and also retain the indentation hierarchy? I tried to directly copy, and then apply bullets, and it messed up. I think It has to be done with bullets though, because without bullets, lines won't wrap around with hangings.
  3. OMG it's true! 6.6 fixed it! I was using 6.5, and I updated to 6.6 and it's fixed! I would say it's really a coincidence that I posted this question at this timing. But thanks very much everybody!
  4. I'll give a simple example: Open Evernote, type "one plus one is two.". Then delete the word "two", and type "three" instead. Now you get "One plus one is three". Now, if you want to revert this change, you press Ctrl-Z, guess what happens? Now try in other text editors - email, MS Word, this forum, etc. You'll see the difference. Now my question is: Is there a solution to this behavior? It throws me off so often.
  5. Hello everyone. I use Desktop Evernote for PC, and I'm confused about the behavior of Ctrl-Z Undo. I type a lot - emails, Word, online forums, text editors, and of course Evernotes. And I use Ctrl-Z a lot, it's became a reflex for me to use Ctrl-Z in many situations. And I've noticed that in Evernote PC, when I press Ctrl-Z, multiple steps are undone together, which is unique. The result of undo always come out differently from what I expect, and It always throw me off. I tried to figure out its pattern, but wasn't able to. Has this been discussed previously? What types of actions will be grouped together and undone together by Evernote PC? Thanks very much!
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