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  1. Yep, iOS 11 Beta here as well (Public 3). I was able to take a screenshot of the crash just before it happens. Here it is... the usual crash report, although you never do get a chance to interact with the menu- it crashes completely. (But you do still see EN as OPEN in the "Open Apps" with the swipe up command. Looks like we are at the mercy of the Evernote team on this one. I'm all ears for other solutions.
  2. Been having crashes upon launch as well. Tested, did uninstall/reinstall, and even just updated to new Public Beta 3. Here's what I've discovered... When I am logged into a basic account that is direct through Evernote's login system, all is GOOD and does NOT crash. When I am authenticated through my GOOGLE account on a PREMIUM account, it crashes on startup. Something to do with Google authentication (login with Google) and/or Premium Accounts? For the record, I am on iPad Pro 10.5", iOS 11 Public Beta 3 I really hope Evernote can update to make this work. It's the
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