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  1. Anybody uses Evernote to present // as speaker notes? I know of at least 4 ppl (we all subscribe) in my immediate surrounding that do so. And we all miss a feature. Quick markup! 1. What does it mean? - select markup style (e.g. just bold font) - any text you select with 2x click inherits this markup 2. who is this for? - speakers - teachers - presenters 3. why? - because its so small of a change and it will save us like 100x clicks per presentation/talk (more) 4. Now and after - Now: 2x click to select some text --> keyboard shortcut for my markup EVERY TIME after text selected - Then: select markup style --> once you highlight some text it is formated based on given (previously defined) markup style
  2. It would be great to have a feature to allow quicker markup. Current state - when I want to make some word in text bold 1. double click the word(s) 2. hit command/ctrl + b Desired state - when I want to make some word in text bold 1. turn on "bold markup tool/icon" 2. any word that gets clicked on by cursor is changed to bold Similar thing can be applied to highlight/colored font/italics/others. I am so missing this as I make my "presentation/speech/seminar" notes very colorful & markup rich. It is always a little pain...
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