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  1. I have been finding replacement for Evernote. I have tried NixNote2, QOwnNotes, Standard Notes, Turtl, etc. Still, none of them meets my requirement and I could not shift my workflow to Linux, especially how I use Android to collect information and use desktop client to organize them. One might assume that NixNote2 is very promising since it could connect your Evernote account. Among those tools, NixNote really do a great job and it is probably the best option when working on Linux. However, since it use Evernote API to connect Evernote account, there are limitations in synchronization, which
  2. Due to some reasons, I have to switch to Linux as my main working environment. I really hope Evernote will release news that they are going to work on Linux desktop client.
  3. I am a premium user and use Evernote in my daily life. Since I am currently switching from windows to Linux, I really really hope that the company will at last release a native Linux client.
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