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  1. Quick update: Found an app to assign hokeys for certain key combinations. Eg ctrl+shift+h can be assigned to crtl+w or alt+q or shift+q or any key combination as per convenience. Plus these hot keys can be made program specific or as default for entire computer. App is Autohotkey. It's free but a Lil complicated.
  2. @DTLow Thanks. This worked. In fact im thinking of buying a 7 button mouse and assign various keystrokes. But since Logitech mice are expensive, any other mice could be programmed using X-Mouse Button Control. Also I found out a software called KeyTweak to reassign keys on my keyobard.(e.g., interchange Left Ctrl and Left Alt) for convenience sake. Best part both free and easy to use.
  3. Yes... Im aware it.. It is highly inconvenient if you are editing notes with one hand while the other hand is on the mouse. For example, I use Bold(Ctrl+B) and Highlight(Ctrl+Shift+H) a lot. Its difficult to hold Ctrl+Shift while stretching your fingers all the way to H. Plus while alternating between Bold and Highlight, an accidental Ctrl+Shift+B will insert the Bulleted List. So was looking for something more convenient. P.S. I mostly copy paste text from webpages and edit(highlight,bold,italic,underline) them to make them easy for me to study for my exams(hence one hand on keyboard and other on mouse). Very less typing using two hands.
  4. Is there an option to assign programmable mouse buttons to editing functions like bold, italic, highlight? Does Logitech Options support Evernote?
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