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  1. Hello all, first time poster here and looking forward to being a fellow positive contributor to this forum. Thanks to everybody for their helpful input on this thread as I just implemented The Secret Weapon. So far, I'm pretty stoked about using this system as I've only been typing in random notes here and there since I committed to EN a few months back. My first introduction to time management was David Allen's GTD and I always mention his book to anybody who is just beginning to try to get their "sh**" organized. I used to use Omnifocus for this and even actual notebooks (still use those once in awhile as the original OG of efficiency, Leonardo Da Vinci, used to always have a notebook with him) since writing in notebooks vs typing on a phone inspire a different creative energy, for me at least. But Omnifocus didn't feel as good as typing in EN for whatever reason. I guess I like green elephants. Who knew? With that being said, my personal system has morphed into a blend of multiple systems and is going thru another change right now, thus my involvement with this thread. Part of the reason for my change was that, at least for me, the original GTD system focused my attention too much on the tiny things in life. Meaning that while I was more efficient in my processes, was what I was even working on really that important? Granted this is something that would've been discovered in the weekly review but the chapter in Stephen Covey's book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Ppl helped give me more clarity as it focused moreso on "Roles" like Good father, Good son, Good Boss, etc and have all your tasks fall under those roles to help prioritize them. I then tried Tony Robbin's RPM system (I think that's what it's called) and while the system didn't resonate with me, the macro question of "WHY" are we doing the things we're doing was a good takeaway. For example, if the reason I'm using Evernote is because "I want to be more efficient", it isn't really that inspiring and actually boring for me. But if the WHY is because I want to be more efficient to spend more time with my family, more time to do things I love, make more money, etc, then it changes the context completely vs I want to be able to process 100 emails instead of 50. Anyways, thanks again for all contributors and if I happen to pick up any tips that I think are helpful from using Evernote, I'll share them here as well. C
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