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  1. That makes sense. There may something in the problem that either requires the iOS 11 SDK, or they made a decision to focus on iOS11 improvements and not an incremental bug fix for an unsupported OS. Most of my daily note taking is in OneNote already. I tend to use Evernote as more of a place I store images and text for non-work projects. I'll hold off on clipping from iOS until the fix is released.
  2. So, it is improved somewhat on the latest DP released today. I still get crashing, but it seems like the crashing is related to notes I create using the document picker in iOS 11. If I web clip a note on my Windows PC, it opens fine in Evernote. If I clip it via the document picker, the app crashes when I open it. I wonder if this explains why some people didn't have the problem, and others did. it may well be that this has been the issue all along.
  3. it is still crashing for me. What device are you on? I am on a 1st gen 12.9.
  4. That may be, but to be fair, we are running a beta OS that is unsupported.While I want it to work again, these are the risks of running the betas.
  5. I think the problems are different, The Culture Code crash is related to notifications. Turning Notifications off on Evernote doesn't fix it. It's possible the fix needs the iOS11 SDK stuff, which they can't submit until the GM is out.
  6. I am having the same problem on my 12.9" iPad. I've tried reinstalling but once I try an open a note it crashes. It then crashes on launch. I also tried restarting between uninstall and reinstall. I understand this is an unsupported OS, so this is just another data point for folks.
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