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  1. In my opinion - wrong choice. If you try to swim against this tide you will be swept away. The world of GUI interfaces has worked out how to do the folder metaphor and moved on. If you use folders in your product then people expect them to behave in a certain way (e.g. have nesting) or they will not understand your product and will choose not to use it when a more natural alternative presents itself - as it will. It's not really about the merits of the case it's about what people want, what feels natural to them. Apple have built an empire developing products which are built on this
  2. You do want the product to sell, right? I find this attitude incomprehensible. If Evernote doesn't have key GUI Windows/Mac features like this it will not sell (well enough to compete). And if it doesn't sell it will die.
  3. Sometimes I think it's as if Evernote speaks a different app language from the rest of us. It sounds like the sort of thing that Unix "gurus" used to say when visual text editors were first introduced. The command line model had worked fine for them and so everyone else should just get with the program. The problem with that was that they just got washed away with the tide. It's not really about the merits of the case it's about what people want and if you offer people folders then they have expectations as to how they should work. That is like the folders in WIndows Explorer or Mac Finde
  4. Incredible that this issue has still not been dealt with 15 months after the initial post. I love Evernote but this is the sort of thing that kills applications and there is too much of it in Evernote - people will just drift over to new apps which offer the facilities they want. Having "recent searches", and "saved searches" instantly there when you click on the search box is what people expect to see in even fairly basic web sites these days and not to have it in an app as sophisticated as Evernote is kinda shocking. It's only a small issue, but it matters. (And keyboard shortcuts
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