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  1. Hi there - I clicked on an e-mail address in one of my notes and it came up with this error. This message is now consistent across all "Note Previews" even after I did a restart of the application. if I double click the note, everything loads fine - but, my message previews no longer work. My default e-mail client is Microsoft Outlook. Does anyone have a fix for this? "Failed to load URL mailto:EMAILADDRESSHERE with error ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME (-320). " Thank you - Nick
  2. All of these were suggestions were very helpful. I really appreciate the time everyone spent to provide me with a work around!
  3. Hi there - I am a Recruiter and use Evernote to keep track of my candidates. My notebooks are becoming very crowded. My Staff Accountant folder, for example, has 450 people in it. Some of these candidates are ACTIVELY on the market - meaning, they want to see every possible job that makes sense. Is it possible for me to "highlight" a note title in bright yellow, so that when I am scanning through my note list, I can quickly and easily see which candidates I should be viewing first to see if they are a match? My notebook is becoming very cluttered and hard to work with. as many candidates are in different stages. Colors would help me quickly organize and prioritize. Thanks, Nick
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