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  1. I have entered notes using the Tahoma font, which has italics that are more slanted than in many other fonts. When I bring up the note in print preview, the italicized portion is unreadable. I changed the text to both Arial and then Segoe UI, both of which have less slanted italics, and checked it again. The text was now readable, but there was still clipping being done to the right side of the italicized letters. Evidently, Evernote's print preview allots a fixed amount of space to each letter and if the letter exceeds that, some portion is cut off. Is there a way to fix this so I can at least read the text when using Tahoma? If not, can a request be made to the developers to fix print preview so that italicized letters are readable when using fonts such as Tahoma?
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I am a new user, experimenting to see whether Evernote will work for me. What I was trying to accomplish was to do either a print or a print preview that would include the 24 notes I had entered. After reading the responses to my post, I did some more testing. I discovered that if I put the focus in the entry list and pressed ctrl-a, all the entries were selected. Then when I sent the notes to print or print preview, they showed up as continuous notes and I could page through them. I am surprised that Evernote doesn't make this feature readily apparent to their users. One other issue on this. Even though I now see the interesting feature noted above, that doesn't alleviate the need for Evernote to fix their problem with the print dialog. It is a standard Windows dialog which should be completely functional in Evernote, just like it is in other windows programs. To reiterate, I am speaking of the Page Range area and the Number of copies area. The user cannot make changes in either of these and they should be able to. Thanks again John
  3. I have been experimenting with Evernote on a laptop running Win10 Home build 1703 (Creator's Update). I have the same issue with printing these others have. I looked at the print screen and saw that some things were disabled. I think that is the root of the problem. As can be seen from the attached image, the items under Page Range are all grayed out except for All. Likewise, the number of copies cannot be changed in the adjacent setting. When I send to the printer, only the first page is sent. I tried this with other programs and they work properly, so I conclude there is a problem with Evernote. Any help with getting this fixed would be a great help.
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