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  1. Thanks for that, but it doesn't work with the newest version of Evernote (7.5.2). There is frankly no troubleshooting anywhere to be found in this version of the application. I see now that Evernote gives me between one and three results for my searches, but I know that there should be hundreds. Are there any other solutions possible to fix this? Is downgrade to previous version an option?
  2. Just to add my personal remark to this threat (I was a premium customer, now I'm not anymore). Evernote is a personal research tool for me and the most important to me is the search engine and the search box which allows me to search through hundreds of notes with just three letters or single words. I recently installed the update to version 7.5.2 on MacOs Sierra 10.12.3 and the search box doesn't work at all. Whatever I search for, even the simplest searches for the simplest words, I get zero results. So yes, with updates Evernote somehow gets worse. I'm considering moving my research data somewhere else.
  3. I work on a WInd7 computer and MacBook air simultaneously. Recently the formatting of the notes started going crazy and inserted incredible spaces between the words. I first saw it after syncing on Mac, and now it's visible both on Mac and Win7 computer. What's going on and what to do against it? It's incredibly annoying and makes my notes unreadable. See the screenshot below.
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